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Things to See and Do in Puglia


Castellana Grotte:

One of the natural wonders of Puglia. Castellana Grotte is a series of underground natural caves located a

few miles from the town of Polignano a Mare. The caves are stunning, reaching up to 60 metres below the

ground. Guided tours are available regularly througout the day. But remember to take a cardigan or sweater!!

The caves - being underground are at a temperature of only 16 to eighteen degrees centigrade.




Fasano Zoo Safari:

Great for adults and children. There is a wide variety of animals to see, from Lions and Tigers to the only

male African Elephant in Italy. There is a train ride that will take you around the safari and there are regular

performances by the Sea Lions and a troupe of Parrots. The zoo also includes a rollercoaster and a number

of other rides.





Castel del Monte:

A stunning octagonal 13th Century castle, built by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. A UNESCO designated

world heritage site on the edge of the Alta Murgia national park. The castle is open to visitors all year round.





Ostuni Cathedral:

A beautiful 15th century Cathedral nestled in the heart of Ostuni, built on the site of a Romanesque church in a cross pattern. A great place to have a look around and the city of Ostuni itself is a must for a visit to Puglia.

Address: Largo Trinchera Francesco - 72017 Tel: (+39)0831301177





Santa Maria d'Agnano Archaeological Park:

If you are having a look around Ostuni it is always interesting to pay a visit to the archaeological park. The park is only open during the summer and tours are available to see evidence of early prehistoric habitation of the Puglia region.

Address: S.S 16 Ostuni-Fasano - Tel: (+39)0831336383

Opening hours - by arrangement




Grottaglie Ceramics Workshops:

It is well worth paying a visit to the workshop quarter. Here you can see the ceramic potteries at work. Grottaglie has been producing beautiful ceramics since the Middle Ages utilising the bright red clay of the region. You can also pay a visit to the Grottaglie ceramics museum which displays over 400 examples of the local pottery through the ages.





Tours of Lecce:

Lecce is called the 'Florence of the South'. This beautiful city brims with baroque architecture overlaid on the more ancient Roman ruins beneath. See the beautiful Roman ampitheatre and theatre. It is easy to arrange tours of Lecce and well worth spending a day, and of course, we can help arrange that for you.





Torre Guaceto:

The nature reserve and protected marine area of Torre Guaceto covers a six mile stretch of the coast with a number of beaches and a large wetland and nature reserve area. Torre Guaceto is just 15km north of Brindisi. The beaches are beautiful. It is also possible to arrange guided walks and bicycle tours of the nature reserve.






Literally meaning 'beautiful city'. Gallipoli is a very pretty town on the Ionian coast in the Salento peninsula. The town itself is partially surrounded by a defensive wall and features a number of baroque buildings, whilst the coastline around has long sandy beaches a beautiful clear water.






Polignano a Mare:

The 'pearl' of Puglia. Polignano is a pretty town built on cliffs between Monopoli and Bari. A great place to take a walk around, visit the Saracens cove and the Palazzese sea cave, and take advantage of the viewing points positioned around the old town to peer down the sheer cliffs upon which the town sits into the beautiful waters below.




Oria Torneo dei Rioni:

Every August the small town of Oria holds the Torneo dei Rioni, or 'Tournament of the Districts'. This is a re-enactment of a tournament in the town in 1225 and involves a procession through the town of the participants in medieval costume, followed by knightly jousting and medieval martial competitions.




La Ghironda Festival:

La Gironda festival is a multicultural festival of music and the arts featuring artists and musicians from across the world during August. The festival began in 1995 in Martina Franca and has grown to now encompass 14 of Puglia's towns over 9 days. The festival is well worth paying a visit to.





Martina Franca Opera Festival:

The Festival della Valle d'Itria is an opera festival, started in 1975 that takes place in the Ducal Palace of the town of Martina Franca. The festival takes place during July and August with a number of performances. The performances often highlight obscure and little known operatic pieces.




Cavalcata di Sant'Oronzo:

This festival takes place in Ostuni from 25th to the 27th August and celebrates Saint Orontius, the patron saint of Ostuni and Lecce, who was believed to have saved the town from the plague in the 17th Century. There are fireworks displays and on the 26th an impressive parade of horses and riders in costume through the town.





Easter Parades:

Pasqua is one of the most important festivals in the Italian calendar. Many towns in Puglia hold Easter parades. One of the most notable is the Carnevale di Putignano, others take place in Alberobello, Taranto and Bari.




Local Markets:

There are lots of local markets you can visit. They vary in size, and offer local vegetables, meats and fish and sell clothes and other items. Puglia's markets are bustling and vibrant and are great fun to visit.

Monday: Cisternino

Wednesday: Martina Franca

Thursday: Grottaglie, Brindisi

Saturday: Ostuni, Ceglie


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